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Cool outdoor advertisement of Dr. Mullaly.



alex ross

Alex Ross is an American comic book painter, acclaimed for the photorealism of his work. Ross is known for his love of the vintage looks of classic characters and the more mythic elements of the superheroes.

Forty years ago, Spider-Man learned that with great power comes great responsibility. Looking at Alex Ross, it’s obvious the lesson took. Ross’ career offers another important message: follow your dream. Actually, it’s not far from the sort of message you might find in one of his stories.

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If there is a blog that gets you thinking and where you find you are spending a long time going over the numerous topics and interesting blog subjects, then the thinking blog is for you, take a look today !!!!


When I first saw these, I thought it was a clever Photoshop job, but apparently the Pick Your Nose cups are very real, and very entertaining. Designed to liven up any party, the cups come with a variety of noses that replace yours when you take a drink.

[Nose Cups]


Heroes fans with some extra cash can bid on limited edition prints of some of the original drawings done by artist Tim Sale that have figured prominently in the show as Isaac Mendez painting. The auction raises money for the Epilepsy Foundation and it begins tomorrow March 26th. The prints will be stretched on canvas just like Issac’s paintings which is pretty cool, I guess, though Sale’s original work (being inks washes colored digitally) are probably originally done on paper.

Check out the Heroes site for more information and images of the prints that will be up for bidding.


The Las Vegas architect Alberto Frias has designed quite an unusual bed. The sleeping pod, or The Transport is made out of fiberglass and features built-in speakers, nice ambient LED lights – and a price tag that has very many zeros. The actual price is $10 000.

TechRestore’s Apple TV Dissection []


You know all about the Mentos and Coca Cola Light, right? (Example ) If you want to do some experiments of your own you might be interested in this crazy little product called Mentos Geyser Tube. It will make your Mentos experiments a whole lot easier. $10 for this innocent little plastic tube that will make your coke reach up to 30 ft!

Mentos Geyser Tube []


That’s a pillow that looks like a book – so you can fall asleep in comfort looking like you’ve been studying way too hard. Link



I am not a teen and I want one! The “Wave Chaise”, brainchild of Brazilian designer Roberta Ramme, is an over sized chaise that has a built in TV, DVD player, audio system, computer desk, and storage for your CD/DVDs. As far as I know it is currently just a concept, but with any luck we may see it for sale in the near future.


“designer’s own words:
Imagine a furniture to wear… then dress it with an innovator design, intense colors, ergonomics and technology appeal. Like in fashion, the point is to unify beauty, comfort, and functionality. Whether your desire is to watch TV or DVD, listen to your favorite CD, read, talk on the phone, or even study, take a nap or browse the internet, you got it close, in a multifunctional chaise-longue. This concept is inspired by the values and personality of a today’s teenager and the standards generated by a global hi-tech culture of facilities, where the access to technology is cheap and easy.”

Source: link


For his work, photographer Don Naumann stands in the middle of a thunderstorm under a golfer’s umbrella, camera at the ready, waiting for the next lightning strike. Don averages 1 to 2 quality photographs each year – and he’s been doing this since 1991!

This one above is called “Mostly Scattered Showers,” taken in Florida.

Check out his awesome gallery: Link


for the instructions, please click here.


Cool: Leo Kempf created this coffee table made to look like a speech bubble.
Geeky DIY Cool: It’s made out of cardboard!




images copyright by chot 2007


The great thing about video chatting is that it’s a solution to the problem email has of imparting tone and energy, and all the other
important emotions that are so critical to our communications, so they say. I think it’s just cool.
The question is how long will it be free?

These women are Drug addict’s. After on a long research with them, they found there beauty is slowly vanished due to Drugs, So girls be careful and avoid DRUGS!!!

And you may ask y not for boys, there is no messages for boys, because boys never worries about beauty.

You also want to be like this, so, please avoid DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!



Strange interactive homepage of 10mg Studio








Photography by Maurizio Cigognetti


If you’ve always wanted to wear your camera while swimming, rollerblading, or skiing, this is the one for you — a waterproof digital wrist camera from ThinkGeek.

It’s a three megapixel camera, weighing in at 3 ounces and able to take still images in three-shot bursts or video footage at 30fps. You get 16MB of on-board memory, which can be extended via SD card, and the whole thing is powered by 2x AAA batteries.

If you’re taking it for a dive, beware that it’s good up to 100 feet. Here’s a photo I took with it while surfing (yeah, right.)



Wow, this is nice and comfortable. Hate carrying your phone when you’re lying on bed and having phone call with your friends or loved one, I’m sure you wanna have one of this, the PerCushion. It is a 66cm long cotton velvet cushion with a soft inner foam core that comes with Bluetooth connectivity, a built-microphone and a loudspeaker. Yeah, it’s a Bluetooth headset. But unfortunately this is still a concept, just wish that one day it will go into production.

[via Uberphones]


Please click this beautiful web link:

This technology will help you to find your colleague, boy/girl friend, husband/wife, son/daughter and etc. wherever they go; anytime, anywhere, it is easy for you to catch them.


Funkrush has some nice new stuff for sale on the site.
Including this badass t-shirt design (photo above) entitled “Noodle Soup”, from the 2 t-shirt package of the same name by Argentinian duo DGPH , a personal favourite.


A panorama of mars were created from a combination of more than 1,400 individual pictures taking by the MASA mars rover “Spirit” over a period of 5 months. If you have ever wondered what it would look like to be standing on mars, hit the jump to find out.

Link & Image: Fotoausflug


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