About 18,000 naked Mexicans stretched out on the cold flagstones of Mexico City’s main plaza on Sunday to be photographed by Spencer Tunick, an American artist known for shooting crowds of nudes.

The turnout dwarfed Tunick’s previous personal record of 7,000 nudes, set in Spain in 2003.

The shoot had the feel of a rock concert. Volunteers did “the wave” between poses and chanted “Mexico! Mexico!” Some participants said they drove four or five hours to participate.

“What a great moment for the Mexican art scene,” Tunick, 40, told reporters after the shoot. “All eyes should look south, from the United States to Mexico City — to see how a country can be free and treat the naked body in art.”

Police closed off several blocks of the city’s colonial center for the event. Tunick finished the shoot just in time for the 8:30 a.m. Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral, which overlooks the plaza.

Source: USA Today