Finally I’m able to bring something fresh about the Firefox commands, very few Internet users know about these commands and those are technology avid dudes that want to know everything. These commands will speed up your work and you will agree with me as soon as you see what i have prepared for you.

1. Fastest way to find a word in a website is to type / followed by the word you want to search. It will highlight the word. Press Ctrl+G if you want to “Find Again” that word.

2. If you want to delete an address from your Address Bar Drop down menu,
Highlight it without clicking and press Shift+Delete.

3. Type about:cache?device=disk in your address bar to view/save items that you stored in your firefox disk cache.

4. Type about:cache?device=memory in your address bar to view/save items
that you stored in your Firefox memory cache.

5. Click and Drag a link to the Download Manager Window to add and download the

6. Stop animated gifs from moving by pressing the ESC key.

7. Holding down the Ctrl key when you right click to “View Image” will open the image in a New Tab.

8. You can bookmark the current page by dragging the icon from the
location bar to your Bookmarks folder, or by pressing Ctrl+D. Or drag it to the desktop to make an icon for it.

You will surely love these tips, i really loved the first one, it’s great for Heavy Internet Users, enjoy!