Windows Vista, let’s be serious is still “Unpolished” , lots of bugs, huge number of driver problems, unstable if you have even 1 older piece of hardware, if you tried it you know what I’m talking about. If you have a brand new Vista compatible system it’s great, you have the chance to use a great Windows version. But what do you do if you don’t have that news shiny system?

There are 2 options that can save you from this situation, theme changer or some software implementation as it follows. I will start with the easier solution.

1. Vista Transformation Pack


This is the easy option, and quite frankly i love it the most. Here is what you get with the Vista Transformation Pack:
»Boot screen
»Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
»New msstyles files (visual styles)
»New desktop and file icons
»New toolbar icons
»Progress Dialogs
»Sounds scheme
»System Tray icons
»New Wallpapers
»Windows Media Player Skins

So, on short you’ll get the same Microsoft Windows Vista Boot Screen, the same icons which will replace the WIndows Xp ones and the most important thing of all, the cool start menu.
I recommend this software, it caused me no problems until now and works like a charm.
To have it click the following link: Download Windows Vista Tranformation Pack

Solution Number 2 Sounds Like This:

There are some free software on the market that can make you get near the Windows Vista form, i will show you the most important. Although is not as easy as the transformation pack above these tools may be usefully to others that look something different.


»LaunchBar Commander
The Windows sidebar with calendars, calculators, and more. The Desktop Sidebar provides similar features, with lots of add-ons, file browsers, news updates, weather summary.The alternative is LaunchBar Commander, this lets you create multiple on-screen panels for launching many applications and documents. To get the application click the following link: Download LaunchBar Commander

»Vista Start Menu SE
This soft makes a imitation of Vista’s Start menu and adds functions that Vista lacks, built-in shortcut keys or often used Windows functions like Reboot and Switch Users. Vista Start Menu

»WindowBlinds 5


Another Vista feature is Windows Glass, the transparent, colored window edges that Windows Aero has. WindowBlinds 5 provides skins–visual styles and themes–that allow you to change the look and feel of many parts of Windows XP. For example lets you modify toolbar icons, the Start Menu and Start button, menu and dialog borders. To get it click the following link: Download WindowBlinds 5

»Visual Task Tips
This tool makes a preview miniature image the open window in the taskbar. Just scroll your mouse wheel up or down on the image to resize it.Visual Task Tips

I recommend the first solution but depending on what you want, you can use the second option, or if you need only one specific tool, hope it helps you. As soon as new Vista Tips appear i will post them.