The bigger the offer, the more chances to find something that you like and, in Japan, when it comes to minivans there is plenty to choose from. Actually, each one of the major car manufacturers proposes a couple vehicles in this category.

In the Mitsubishi lineup it’s the DELICA D:5, a family van (forget about the mini) that we had the pleasure to review a couple weeks ago.
As usual the manufacturer decided to extend his offer by “upgrading” the base mode, the result ? 2 new versions called “C2” and “ROADEST”.

First on the list is the DELICA D5: C2 rocking a classy “champagne” color on the pictures (7 other colors are available) and as you can see it’s a “full” color contrary to the D:5 that we had during our test drive which proposed a two-tone version. It is important to note that this C2 version only comes as a Front Wheel Drive, featuring 215/R60 tyres and 16 inches rims.
Prices go from 2,226,000 (Mitsubishi Delica D5 “C2S”, 2.4L MIVEC DOHC 16 valves 4 cylinders engine and INVECS-III CVT auto gearbox) to 3.087.000 Yen for the Delica D5 C2 G-Premium.

For some of our Japanese friends who want to buy a sports coupe but were forced to put the family first by their dear wife there is the “ROADEST” version. Visible in black above or in white below you certainly didn’t/couldn’t miss it thanks to a pretty impressive “sporty” body kit, lowered ride height and 17 inches RAYS rims on 215 tyres. Again the color covers the whole body and there are 4 to choose from (black, white, beige, silver).

Of course it is again all about the looks as the standard motor hasn’t been tuned at all but many companies can help the future clients for that particular matter. A couple more Yens are needed this time, from 2.541.00 to 3.087.000 Yen depending on the options !