We apologise, but the idea of getting on a motorbike and dodging buses and pedestrians is just not on top of our list of ‘things to do’ before we die. Mainly because it’ll probably shorten how long we have to get through our tick-in-the-box achievements. But there is something inimitably smug in sliding through traffic and being able to park anywhere you like without fear of some ambitious traffic warden clamping your wheels.

And now, it’s just got a little bit smugger. Nexx Helmets from the UK have just released their new collection for 2007. Featuring the Nexx Cross Aluminium, a dirt bike shaped helmet, equipped with removable inner so you can make sure your face doesn’t smell like a football boot when your out and about. It looks pretty good too.

The range features other helmets including the Integral X10. But our personal favourite is the Nexx Open Face, think Top Gun on the highstreet. The lightweight frame is perfect for easy carry, and it knocks the socks off any other helmet we’ve seen recently. Paired with the other two designs in the range, it’s a bit of a no brainer between these and the cannonballs most people wear when scooting round town.

via coolhunter