LEICA passed hard times during the last months, as nobody could be sure if they would survive or not. Being accused of having overslept multiple generations in digital camera evolution, the question is:

Can they make the breakthrough now???

Those who take pictures discover new perceptions of the world and the times, of the unfamiliar as well as the familiar. For this desire to look at the world and to show it to others, the LEICA D-LUX 2 camera is the perfect tool. In the midst of a bustling crowd or from far away, in the noonday sun or under a full moon, in a calm demeanor or in great haste – the LEICA D-LUX 2 renders pictures with unparalleled brilliance an in three different formats. This digital camera, with its optics, its image stabilizer and 8.4 megapixels, meets the highest standards of the renowned Leica brand. Its stylish aluminum body makes the photographer look good on all occasions. And the high-quality Crumpler cases – hey modern cooperation!!! – make it even more fun to take along.

When are you going to take the LEICA D-LUX 2 into your world?