One of the thing we always expect when we are on a plane is their meal. It’s interesting to find different types of meals being served on different airlines. Let’s check out a few of those… and be prepared for surprises!

Kuwait Airways. Not bad, looks kinda delicious although I haven’t try that myself.

Saudi Arabian Airlines. This has to been good as all their cooks are flown in specially from Saudi Arabia!

I haven’t tried this Jamaican Airways meal before. But it looks like simple fried rice, topped with chicken and broth.

Iran Air. Frankly, the main course looks a little extra-ordinary. But the side dishes look extremely good.

China Air. Do we take our meal using chopsticks?!

Trust me, it’s heavenly to enjoy this Air India meal 3000 feet in the air. But how come they do not serve Roti Canai, and teh tarik?

Air Canada. Looks like a plate of salad.

Japan Air is renowned to serve one of the best meals on a plane. Look at that colorful sushis! But, where is my salmon? I want my salmon fish!!

Finally, let’s see what fine cuisine Malaysia’s first budget airliner has to offer their loyal customers. Mamee! Can you believe this? AirAsia gives their customers Mamee as the meals! Furthermore, you need to buy these Mamee from them. They can sell at any price they want because there is no competition in the sky! Hahaha… lol.

This is just a lame joke, but I believe it has made your day! Cheers.