The Opus Design Award is held annually to invite concept design entries related to eyewear. This year, the theme for the competition was “Eyewear are tools to enhance faces”:

“Today, roles of eyewear have come far beyond the original eyesight correction or optic protection.Particularly, possibilities as fashion items have great expectations.Opus Design Award this year dares to define that “eyewear are tools to enhance faces”,and invite designs in accordance with the definition. We look forward to innovative exciting designs that would open up new spheres of eyewear.”

The winner was recently announced, and Singaporean industrial designer Joe Tan’s entry “blur” beat the pack to win the Gold Prize and a cool 1 million yen! Obviously inspired by one of the tools of our trade – Photoshop – his entry plays a pun in bringing the techniques used in ‘Photoshopping’ to real life:


“blur is inspired by the photoshop “blur” tool often used to erase wrinkles in photos. We can find similar blur texture effects on glass or plastic products in our everyday life. Applying such textures to specific area on the eyewear blurs wrinkles and seemingly reverse the effects of aging. blur is specially designed for women who want to look younger in a blink of an eye!”

You can check out the rest of the entries here too!