It’s a new year – and it’s the time for resolutions and such. For many, getting richer could be one of the targets this year, and being a millionaire is still many people’s dream. That magical milestone will still be elusive to most – nonetheless it’s a financial goalpost (or dream, if you’re less optimistic) for many to strive and aim for. Yet, it seems being a millionaire perhaps isn’t all that ‘rich’ anymore in the real sense.

Forbes did a scan of what a cool $1million can buy in terms of real estate properties across the world. In most of the major cities in the developed world, a sub-1000 square-foot apartment is probably all you’re gonna get. It’s only when you shift to the developing world (or a much less prime location) that you’re going to have some land under your feet.

In London you get a 1-bedroom 1-bathroom apartment at Primrose Garden. It’s the same story in New York, you might settle for a 650 square-foot condominium in Turtle Bay Manhattan. You could get some land in San Francisco – if a 1900-vintage Victorian-style home is your taste. But to get some real footage – like the villa or bungalow that you might envision yourself living in when you’re a millionaire – you’d have to venture into places like Kenya or Egypt. (Million-Dollar homes – from top: London, San Francisco, Egypt respectively)


So – two choices. One – realize that being a millionaire perhaps isn’t really that jazzy or *gasp* rich anymore. You probably can’t really ‘live it up’ for your life with that – and decide to work really hard to become a billionaire (now we’re talking). Two – realize that there are in fact more things to life than big (or even, small!) homes in prestigious addresses, and so decide to still work hard and achieve financial and other dreams, but keeping them still in rational perspectives.