A venture funded largely by the European Space Agency and the European Union. A2 being called the “Son of Concorde”, the revolutionary aircraft with a top speed of 3,400mph aims to fly between London (or Brussels) and Sydney in under five hours. This commercial plane is designed to carry 300 passengers and will reach speeds of Mach 5 �C five times the speed of sound. Its hi-tech liquid hydrogen-powered engines will be fuelled by liquid hydrogen( will also produce few carbon emissions, making air travel much greener). At 433ft long (132m), the A2 is half the length of the Titanic and weighs 400 tonnes, lighter than a Boeing 747. If built, the cost of a ticket on the A2 – which will cruise at an altitude of 100,000ft (30,480m) – from Europe to Australia is estimated to be around £2,000. Link