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Sober and very elegant saver of screen produced by tha ltd. A clock in real time when each minute which is passed is represented by 4 digits in Helvetica falling into water in slow fox trot-motion.




Nokia has extended its 6600 model with another two new models, the 6600 Slide and 6600 Fold. Both features with 16 million colors display, High gloss surface that “wakes up” when tapped twice, 3G conncectivity, camera with dual LED flash, hidden outer display and the Bluetooth connectivity. They are priced at €275 excluding taxes and subsidies. Here are a few shots of 6600 Slide and Fold from



BMW officially unveiled its M1 concept, which could possibly be an upcoming mid-engine sports car. No technical specs announced but they are quite a lot pictures released.






An invention of Erik De Nijs with these trousers as a Jean, integrating a keyboard bluetooth as well as loudspeakers and a telegraphic mouse. Completely equipped for mobility, the explanations in images and in the continuation.





Designer John Pszeniczny has come out with the fastest watch on Earth dubbed “F1/Carbon GMT”. This concept is inspired by the F1 race car world and made from carbon fiber, Swarovski crystal, rubber and metal. The watch comes with 18 identical rubies and tells the time in every one of the 18 cities on the 2008 F1 circuit. It also has a built in lap timer function and a stopwatch. Hmmm… this watch really reminds me of ODM watches.

[via Yanko Design]


Something to think about when we consider the price of gasoline today.


Here is another website that has some nice printable paper. These sites may be a little “ink intensive” but in a pinch, you can create and have high quality specialized paper for whatever application you might need. Have a look.


Photographer Alex Norden was born in New York and raised in constant travels all over the world by his anthropologist mother, who specialized in ethnic costume, Alex was exposed to the amazing diversity of human culture and fashion at an early age. After successfully dropping out of 3 schools, never completing degrees in computer science, photography, and journalism, Alex decided to get his education in real life- by assisting photographers. 2 years later, he branched out on his own and has been doing photography for the last 8 years. His work today revolves around the concept of beauty in the mistakes.

continue reading at Set Your Style

(Pic: Ryan Block leads Engadget (left), Brian Lam leads Gizmodo)

If you’re a gadget/design person (like many industrial designers are, I’m sure), you’d certainly have come across Engadget and Gizmodo, the twin titans in the consumer gadgets arena. And if you’re a frequent visitor, you’d certainly also notice a less-than-friendly relationship between the two blogs, as in any good ol’ fashion rivalry, with each blog racing to bring the latest and juiciest in gadget-o-dom. But just how bad (good?) is it?

Wired has a rather comprehensive and interesting look behind the scenes, outlining how much the bloggers do to get an edge over the other. In a battle for online eyeballs lusting for gears, speed and exclusivity is indeed critical – many times it can really boil them to a matter of minutes for one blog to earn the bragging rights for being the first to cover major product releases. Much like high-school fraternity rivalry, perhaps.

Describing the ‘war strategy’ for Gizmodo during the Consumer Electronics Show (the SuperBowl equivalent in Gadget-dom) coverage, for instance:

No wonder Lam has been devising his CES strategy for the past 12 months. As soon as the 2007 show ended, he made a 2008 reservation at the Hilton, the hotel closest to the convention center, to serve as Gizmodo’s war room and “infirmary” for bloggers needing a midday break. He also reserved a block of rooms at the Imperial Palace because it was close to the Las Vegas monorail. That meant his writers could avoid the hour-long taxi lines that have come to define CES. And, of course, Lam expects his staff to sacrifice for their art. “In Thai boxing, the trainers don’t allow their fighters to have sex for two weeks before a match,” whispers Lam, a onetime kickboxer, “and the trainers can tell if they have, because it makes them lazy.” He shakes his head and pokes an accusing finger at one of his bloggers.

Head on for the full article.


Nokia has announced its 5220 XpressMusic phone with built-in lanyard making it an easy-to-carry device. This music phone provides 24 hours playback time and comes with the usual XpressMusic keys at the side and a 3.5mm audio jack. The Nokia 5220 XpressMusic will start shipping by Q3 of 2008 with an estimated retail price of €160. Full specs available after the break.

Nokia 5220 Specification
• System:EGSM 900/1800/1900, EGSM 850/1800/1900
• User Interface:Series 40
• Dimensions:108 x 43.5 x 10.5 mm (L x W x T)
• Weight:78 grams
• Display:2.0 inch QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) with up to 256,000 colors
• Battery: Nokia Battery BL-5CT, 1020mAh Lion
• Memory:30 MB internal memory, support for up to 2GB microSD memory card
• 2 megapixels camera
• Video recording in QCIF quality
• Talk time:Up to 5 hours
• Standby time:Up to 17 days
• Music playback:Upto 24hours
• EGPRS multislot class 32
• MicroUSB, 3.5 mm AV connector
• Bluetooth wireless technology 2.0 with A2DP stereo audioMusic


For bike lovers, BMW S1000RR superbike has been unveiled in Germany and the company has decided to make 1,000 units by the end of next year. Alright, let me tell ya what S1000RR stands for. “S” stands for Supersports while the “1000” means the engine model: 1000cc four cylinders and the “RR” is the model of the bike.


Online barter house. The shape of things to come? It will be interesting to see if this idea takes off.

Sure, Google is the most popular search engine in the world, but do they have a red-striped zebra that’s jumping around and looking at you with a wide grin?

RedZee may not offer the most compelling results around, but they are building a new way to search the Internet.
When you search for something, you’ll see that a collection of Web page screenshots are available for you to scroll through to the left and to the right.




Here is a fantastic photo taken in 1983. It features a home office built on Atari equipment. Be sure to check out the Return of the Jedi promotional glass set in the top left corner. Lovely.

BangfoAtarisdesk.jpg []

Time for a little geography quiz in Where In The World?

Go play this eight question quiz – it’s fun!


Songsterr is a service offering an extraordinary experience of playing, learning, and singing guitar on-line. Songsterr provides a realistic guitar sound and gives you a full control over the playback – it’s up to you to decide when it’s time to move to the next chord and to sing a new verse. All you have to do is press the button during playback when you feel it’s time to. Alternatively, you can use Songsterr’s autopilot mode and play the song without any interaction.

Songsterr – Online Guitar



Protect the tree of life with the aid of your Phoenix by smiting the spirits with your fiery tale. Watch out as too many hits on the sacred cinnamon tree will drain its life away. Nice graphics!


This stylish Usb Cufflinks($TBD) is a flash drive with 2 GB memory. The very cool cuff links. It is fashion and made of sterling silver and shiny finish. This company is also offering the sterling silver bracelet and necklace with usb memory(pics check out more). Individual whishes like engraving, gemstones (cabochon, facet, baguet) and other materials (white and yellow gold, platinum, titanium, palladium) on demand.




Iron Man movie is coming, Iron Man fan Jin-Saotome did this Hulkbuster Iron Man Figure. It was made using the Iron Monger body with new feet, arm, and shoulder sections of an Armored Core import figure and a regular Mark IV IM head. very cool!



Do you have millions with you? Wanna get this? The Maserati MC12, a seller is offering it at eBay for $1.2 million. It is powered by the Enzo Ferrari 6.0L V12 engine. The MC12 is a rare sports, only 25 of them were made in 2005 and 7 of them were federalized for use in the United States, one of which is this blue-and-white gem you see above.






Now you can get a pair of shoes at anytime, the Onitsuka Tiger a Japanese company has installed the UK’s first trainer vending machine on London’s Carnaby Street. Each machine will 24 pairs and six different sizes of shoes for you to choose from.


You have seen the Futurama in real life, now take a look at the Jessica Rabbit. Is she hot? It was untooned by Pixeloo. Nice work.



The Resume Tee($30) designed by BlackBird Custom. You can print your resume on the black of T-shirt and choose an intro or teaser line for the front of your t-shirt. I don’t know if will you really buy it and wear it for find a job. But it is a humor to tell your friends, you need to be noticed and care.


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