Alright, remember the DVD Sniffler Dogs in Malaysia? The dogs that have been trained to sniff out pirated discs. One of them which called Manny has been found dead in the undisclosed location where it was kept, a report said Sunday. Manny’s body was sent to University Putra Malaysia for a post-mortem. “He had not started work yet so I doubt that there was anyone who wanted to harm him,” said Roslan Mahayuddin, the enforcement director of the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry.

“Paddy and Manny, donated by the US-based Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), began work in April after spending some time getting used to the climate.

The MPAA had reportedly spent 74,500 ringgit (23,280 dollars) to buy the dogs from Northern Ireland. The dogs are trained to freeze or sit down when they detect polycarbonate and other chemicals used in manufacturing optical discs.”