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Okay, this is totally bitchen.



The MESSENGER mission took this picture on January 14th just after its closest approach to Mercury -about 17,000 miles away. This is the previously unmapped part of the planet that was missed by the Mariner 10 probe, which flew by Mercury three times in 1974 and 1975. NASA says that enhanced and color pictures will follow. Link


Quit doing what? Tobacco of course. The Quit Doing It Labs is your resource for the most innovative tools to help you quit tobacco.

Quit Doing It
is a multimedia website that will guide you through a futuristic installation where you can learn about the harm of smoking.


The old days where design was more important than production.


Here you can find an awesome flickr set of Vintage Science Book Illustrations.
Innocent, colorful, simple and useful.


In this essay, Bernard Foing looks at the effect the Moon has had on the Earth, and explores how different our world would be if we had no planetary companion. Interesting reading.


Zero gravity has some strange effects. You grow taller, your nose feels stuffy, and you become constipated. The upside is that you snore less! Discover Magazine has more surprising facts about living in space. Link


Malaysian astronaut’s rocket rolled out to launchpad


1’s cool algorithm-generated butterfly designs. Not as beautiful as real butterflies, but interesting nonetheless.

Link to flight404 blog post here

Our little solar-system…


Beyond our sun, it’s a big universe…

Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky…

This is a Hubble Telescope Ultra Deep Field Infrared View of countless (entire) galaxies, all billions of light-years away:

And this is a close up of one of the darkest regions of the photo above:

We are oh so small.

There is truly no way to explain the true beauty of the Sun. But renowned Solar Photographer Gary Palmer, has a website that is just a must see.
Through his eyes you will explore the power, mystery, and grandeur of our sun.

The Sun in Motion – first check the solar IMAX movies …





Your Amazing Brain: Explore your brain, take part in real-life experiments and test yourself with our games, illusions and brain-benders.


A fantastic photo of the Singapore Waterspout (Image Credit: Spam for Sam [Flickr])

A few days ago, this giant waterspout [wiki] (50 m or 164 ft. diameter and average wind speeds of up to 150 km/hr or 93 mph) was spotted in Singapore. Apparently a large waterspout can be quite dangerous – it can spin a small ship around


Astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have discovered a ghostly ring of dark matter that formed long ago during a titanic collision between two galaxy clusters. The ring’s discovery is among the strongest evidence yet that dark matter exists.

“This is the first time we have detected dark matter as having a unique structure that is different from both the gas and the galaxies in the cluster,” said astronomer James Jee of Johns Hopkins University. Jee is a member of the team that spotted the dark matter ring.

The ring, which measures 2.6 million light-years across, was found in the cluster CL0024+17, located 5 billion light-years from Earth. link


From the website:

The inside of your eye is one thing you’re guaranteed never to get a good look at. Even if you could, the pupil is far too small an aperture to allow you to see the entire interior. University of Michigan ophthalmologic photographer Richard Hackel compares the problem to taking a picture of a room through a keyhole. To overcome this hurdle, Hackel uses a computer program to stitch together images taken from 20 different angles by a special digital camera. The result is an unusual, fully detailed map of the inside of a healthy 26-year-old’s eye.

Larger pic (very interesting): Link


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