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Two galleries by South Korean photographer JeongMee Yoon showing boys and girls with their collections of blue and pink things.


Have you asked yourself the question what a given company logo stands for? Discover the secrets behind some well-known company logos by clicking on this link.



Spin your way through the city.

Spider Man City Raid


There’s a site here that can transform your face into many kind of faces, the old, the young, the baby, manga cartoon and many more. Just upload you image in jpeg or gif format and select the face you want to be transform. Fun! Make yours here.


I washed my hands mom, honestly.
If you are a man you heard this many times. How many times did you lie?
92% of guys say they washed. 34% were lying.
See the six video’s at, I’m sure you recognize it.
BTW why don’t we wash our hands before going to the toilet? It will keep our jewels clean.


They may seem crappy but some of these office-made rubber band guns could kill you. In the gallery you can see all the gun models built only using office tools. Also there are comparatives and photos of demostrations of penetration power and so forth.



If you love to play games on LAN Parties I’m sure you want to see this one.Imagine 7752 gamers all connected to one network.Maybe when you try to imagine something like this is just amazing, but this event was real.Every year in Sweden in Jönköping gamers from around the world gather to play games.This year they made this new record that was mentioned in Guinness Book of Records.If you want to attend to this event in 2007 you can buy a ticked that is 75$ – more details here.And if you want to see some pictures from 2006 event check this gallery.


Polaroize is the service to convert any photos to Polaroid like images.

source Ramdoness


Create your own business cards! Choose from several templates, add your information, change colors, and make a pdf document you can print out. See the sidebar for a gift tag maker, too. Link


Tube Crisis is a surprisingly fun viral games from Sony – the object of this Flash game is to extricate yourself from the crush of subway rush, by finding a way to get rid of your fellow passengers (like to get started, click on the guy with the big backpack to get rid of the old guy with the boombox).

Now, if anyone can help me – I’m stuck and can’t get rid of the tall guy and the leery fat guy.


It has been announced that Tag Heuer will be join the likes of D&G, Prada and launching their own branded mobile phone. The phone will be designed by Paris based ModeLabs and is expected to launch within the next few months. The phone will be a completely new design, unlike the D&G phone, which was just a standard Motorola V3 resprayed gold with a stuck-on D&G logo.

The phone is expected to be made of stainless steel and to have many similarities to Tag Heuer watches, so using this information we have mocked-up a few pictures, see below. The likelihood is that the phone will be in the form of “phone” rather than a watch, but you never know!

Enlarge image

Enlarge image

There is no information on price at the moment but it won’t be cheap, the phone may even join our list of the most expensive mobile phones in the world.

As soon as we have more information we will let you know.


Transformers – Footwear in disguise. This has got to be the best albeit not coolest disguise for any robots intent on world domination, sneakers.

Yep the new transformer robots Convoy and Megatron don’t convert into something cool like planets, space ships or jungle animals (ok maybe they weren’t so cool) they transform into ordinary looking Nike trainers. So be careful next time your getting ready to go to the gym.

They are due out May 2007 and can be pre-ordered from Big Bad Toy Store






Keeping up with the latest craze of having touchscreen gadgets, LG has come out with an array of media players, which integrate touchscreen onto it. You don’t need to salivate over them (as yet) as these gizmos are out in Korea only. LG’s FM37 is a sleek n thin media player (measuring only 10.4 mm) that comes in 2GB and 4GB storage capacity. It supports MP3, WMA, AVI, WMV, OGG playback and eBooks. It gives you 24 hours of audio playtime or three hours of unspecified video playtime. It has Mobile XD Engine that is supposed to improve the picture quality and of course a 2.4-inch TFT LCD touch display. Also coming out in May is the Mini Muvi FM33 (a successor to FM35 DMB) and MP3 player. This one features a 1.77-inch TFT LCD into a 42 x 70.5 x 12.5-mm audio player. Lastly the lucky Koreans can indulge in LG’s Music&Movie DMB T50 (1GB and 2GB) with audio and video capacity.

The pricing is somewhat like this, the LG FM37-2GB- 249,000KRW ($266), 4GB- 299,000KRW ($320). Mini Muvi FM33 1GB- 149,000KRW ($159), 2GB- 179,000KRW ($192), 4GB- 239,000KRW ($256). Music&Movie DMB T50, 1GB- 189,000KRW ($202) and 2GB- 249,000KRW ($266).


After reports that the new iPhone may be hard to use, Apple has decided to divert their research and development to another endeavor – the iPotty. After the buzz around the introduction of the iPhone died down, Steve Jobs was quoted as saying:

Apple needs to look for new distribution channels. Worldwide, there are only one Billion people using cell phones, which is just too small of a market for Apple to meet my sales expectations. That’s why I was ecstatic when, while stocking the pond with brown trout the other morning, the solution came to me – the iPotty!

With this speech, Jobs also released two early design concepts:




Unlike the other pictures, this is actually a real product. The iPoop let’s you keep your iPod docked, charging, and connected while you’re taking care of business

via Anita


Oh, come on, when you’re that age, what did you care about where in the world you were as long as you had a toy (like this boy could care less as long as he’s got that Game Boy!). Link [Flickr photoset]


Members of the Sipaliwini of south-central Suriname plan a mapping
expedition that will use global positioning system (GPS) technology to
define their ancestral territories.

Native Indian groups throughout the Amazon rain forests of South America are increasingly threatened by development. So activist groups are helping the tribes fight back by providing them with technology and training to create maps that will aid their negotiations with companies and local governments. — National Geographic


The following is a translation of Turkey’s Hurriyet Newspaper :

Malaysian Prime Minister here to see his boat

17 Dec 2006

Malaysian Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmed Badawi arrived in Bodrum yesterday to see his boat which he ordered four months ago. Badawi arrived in Bodrum at 1.30 am with a private jet that belongs to Malaysia Airlines.
The head official of Milas, Bahattin Atci, and Malaysian businessman Ananda Krishnan, who is the sixth richest man in Asia, welcomed Badawi. Kamil Sezgun, who is the director of Kobra Yachting and Tourism Ltd Co, was also present.
Badawi and his friend Krishan went to Gokova for fishing with a luxury motor yacht belonging to Kremala Holding, which was brought over here from Malta. The luxury yacht “Obsessions” is 40-meter long, made in the Netherlands and the captain of the yacht is Cavit Kabak. The yacht was anchored in Milta Marina.
Badawi said he loves Bodrum and south Aegean and the Mediterranean so much. It’s a great pleasure for him to be here fishing and resting on the line (horizon) that connects blue and green (ocean and land).

The boat will cost 8 million dollars
The boat is made of Akaju, Maun, Sipo and Brimanya’s tree which is imported from South Africa. It is expected to be completed in 16 months. Some 60 people are involved in the construction of the boat. The boat will be delivered after 12 months (since he ordered it four months ago). The capacity of the boat is for 14 people and the length is 44 meters. The boat will cost 8 million US dollars.


No, this post isn’t about a guy doing bike stunt – instead, look at the bike itself. See anything odd? Like the tires?

That’s the SweetskinZ tires, invented by Yann Mellet, have full-color graphics and light-reflective patterns. Cool!

Link [Flash]


Using a laptop in the confines of one’s home can sometimes be a pain since the device as such, along with its accessories, seems to have been designed with only the needs of people on the move in mind. To address this very concern, the designer duo from San Francisco, Mike and Maaike, have come up with their creative line of ‘Laptop at Home’ accessories for Belkin. Coming from the guys behind the design of the Xbox 360, my expectations were high and thankfully they do not disappoint.

The lineup features the CushTop that serves as a comfortable mobile workstation, thanks to its padded base, when working on the bed, couch or table. However, since many of us move across rooms with our laptops, carrying this bulky base is not exactly practical. Here is where the PocketTop and the SleeveTop step in. Apart from offering a simple base, they also double up as light containers to allow easy transport. In fact, the SleeveTop can store the laptop permanently within the case and you will never have to remove it to start using it. Simply cool. The only sore point is that the SleeveTop and PocketTop work only with laptops with screen sizes of 15.4″ or less.

All the accessories are available in funky silver, green and orange colors, and you can have them at home by parting with less than 50 bucks for each.


Okay, here is the chance for you to stay for free in Tokyo, one of the places with the most expensive rental in the world. You gotta be a white, under 35, and be good in bed.

This girl by the name of Keiko is offering anyone who meets the requirements above and she is willing to be your girlfriend. In return, you get to stay at her apartment for free.

Sounds too good to be true? Her invite got dugg (that’s how I got her story anyway), and if you are interested, you probably would need to act fast before her mailbox is full with resumes.

Here you go: Keiko’s Homepage.


Expect Microsoft to perform a major interface uplift for its homepage soon. The new interface is still in beta and being tested. It sports new navigation system, uses lightboxes extensively and more importantly, it’s standard compliant with tableless design.

So far, it works with Mozilla Firefox very well.

You can view the beta version here.


According to CNN, Mignon Fogarty is a science writer! She has to edit other people’s technical documents on a daily basis, and one fateful day she had had enough of bad grammar. Mignon decided to start recording a podcast offering tips on common grammatical mistakes, and it’s been an overwhelming success so far. She’s currently #47 in the iTunes podcast rankings, and there’s a reason why. The Grammar Girl podcasts run about 5 minutes, and they’re cute and quirky. It isn’t easy to make verb tenses and past participles fun, but Mignon does a great job of it.

Great little podcast shows like this are why I love the Internet. One woman with a microphone and an idea can be heard by thousands of niche fans every week. The barriers to entry are a microphone and a net connection, and those can always be found with the public terminals at your local library.


If celebrity patrons are an indicator of a hotel’s popularity, the Maldives super-lux Huvafen Fushi is about as hot as it gets. George Clooney popped in for lunch last month, Kate Moss partied in her Ocean Villa, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes booked in a massage during their honeymoon, Alexander McQueen had left when I arrived and when I left the island, Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana and John Galliano were set to arrive (separately).

Trendsetting Huvafen Fushi has been raising the benchmark since its first inception two years ago. Opening its doors to feature the world’s first underwater spa, Huvafen Fushi has since earned its spot on the coveted Condé Nast Traveller Magazines’ UK and US Hot List.


This discreetly luxurious, contemporary retreat is located on its own lagoon on a tiny island in North Malé Atoll. I arrived late into the night direct from Singapore, the flight doesn’t get in until 10pm (note: book Emirates instead to arrive during the day).

When I was escorted into my over-water bungalow, I felt like I’d walked into an Apple store/Armani showroom, with a bed in the middle surrounded by all my favorite gadgets. Surround sound Bose indoor/outdoor music system, Plasma TV screens, Bang & Olufsen phones, iPod Nano with an incredible selection of music that had already been installed – a separate massive bath which overlooks the ocean, my own private plunge pool, oversized king size bed, Frette linen, designer furniture (including pieces by Frank Gehry) electronic curtains, waterfall shower – the list goes on and on.

Waking up in the Maldives is something everyone should experience before they die. The view from the bed in my room overlooked the plunge pool which overlooks the Ocean. It’s an incredible sight, serious postcard material.

The day at Huvafen Fushi starts off with a buffet breakfast in Celcius, luxe-but-laid-back dining on a white sand floored deck branching out over the lagoon. Next it’s off snorkeling where you’ll see the most amazing colored coral and sea life including sting rays. It takes approximately 3 hours before you realize you have a tan, the sun is extremely bright and even with 30+ sunblock, you tan quite fast and you notice tan lines by the time you’ve finished breakfast.


My day was busy, yet I did nothing. I snorkeled, I tanned, I read, I snorkeled again, I read more, I walked over to the over-water gym, and walked back out (are you kidding – who can face the gym on holidays) and before I knew it, the sun was already setting. So I headed to Umbar to order a cocktail and sit back in the seriously comfy lounge chairs and watch the sunset while the chill band played, very Café Del Mar. The music, the sunset, the people, the atmosphere – it’s an amazing vibe. Dinner at Salt restaurant (barefoot) is a highlight. The food was fine dining at its best, as good as anything you’ll find in the world’s best restaurants.

Famously, the highest point in the Maldives is only four meters above sea level, so perhaps its not surprising that the Huvafen spa is underwater – something totally exclusive to this resort. It’s like entering a glamorous fishbowl where you are the main attraction to the fish. It’s the perfect environment for a massage. I chose the Maldivian monsoon ritual massage and it defies description. All I can say is that I don’t think I will ever be able to top the experience. Incredible is an understatement.


The friendly, laid-back staff: guests in pavilion accommodation get a 24-hour butler service, while the rest of the resort gets a FISH (Fast Island Service Host), which amounts to the same thing.

Three restaurants, a lively bar, a seriously cool well-stocked underground wine cellar, an over-water yoga pavilion and the world’s first underwater massage treatment rooms complete the picture.

Bungalows from US$880

This year, Huvafen Fushi is proud to announce three new initiatives. An übercool 70ft luxury yacht, an exclusive compilation with one of the world’s most famous DJ and Producer, Ravin from Buddha Bar, Paris as well as an uplift to the world’s first underwater spa.


When Huvafen Fushi first opened two years ago, Per Aquum Resorts • Spas • Residences, CEO, Tom McLoughlin, commented, “This is just the beginning. We will continue to refine the original Huvafen Fushi concept, while constantly pushing the boundaries in delivering the ultimate guest experience.”

Huvafen Fushi has certainly made this statement its driving force with more amazing concepts on the way. by Billy T

In this pictures you are about to see one innovative way to play Ping Pong.Some guys decides that Ping Pong would be more interactive if they would play this game in a Pipe.For a minute I’ve stopped and thought about this way to play ping pong because I like this game, and I think that this would be really fun, and you can all kind of tricks.What do you think ?




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