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Lala allows you to trade CDs that you no longer want with the one your heart desires. Once you are trade enabled simply list the CDs you own in your Have List and the CDs you’d like to receive in your Want List. When lala finds another member who is interested in one of your CDs, you will see a “Ship It” button next to the requested CD in your Have List. By clicking this button you will begin the process of agreeing to ship your CD to another Lala member. When Lala finds another member who is willing to send you a CD you want, you will be notified as soon as it’s on its way to you. How ingenious is this?



Do you collect those useless phone cards, credit cards, gift card or whatever plastic? Do throw them away, they can be use to make guitar picks. Other materials like cardboard, “Handi Snacks” stick, CD, Toshiba laptop, and plastic packaging can be use too. Just use a marker pen and draw the pick shape on the card and card it with scissor, piece of cake.


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This is pretty cool!

Getty Images has recently launched an interactive “brainstorming tool” called Moodstream. The site cycles through photos, videos and music using their huge cache of media as source material. Getty has created a tool for creative professionals (or everyone else) to find fresh inspiration. The control panel has sliders to adjust the mood and tone of the media; happy to sad, warm to cool.

Turn your speakres on – play around with!



Nine inch nails new album is available as a free download. go get it. CD will be available shortly. Nice.

South Korea is not all about mass produced cheap guitars. Moollon is a company that produces some of the most beautiful handcrafted guitars I’ve seen. Very very nice stuff indeed.

Have a look: Moollon Guitars – and don’t miss the Dragon Guitar




I love these stylish headphones by Phiaton. The Phiaton is hitting the market with two lines of headphones and an iPod mini system – MS600. Their PS200 In-ear earphones is cool and feature a set of ‘memory form’ silicon tips that fit softly and smoothly inside the ear canal; deliver great detail and spacious sound, while background noise just fades away. The MS400 headphones is sleek with the red-black style and features engineered for accurate response. I wish their sould as good as they look.


Kina Grannis has released a new song for called “Gotta Digg”. It is #1 story on in the last 24 hours. Kina Grannis is one of 10 finalists in Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl Contest. The lyrics available at her website. Vote for her.


free deerhoof mp3 album

Lots of fun! Create your own tracks with this online music generator. It has different instruments, like guitar, piano, drums, etc on different loops so that you can just choose your chords and hear it. Fairly simple.

Jam Studio: The online music factory – Jam, remix, arrange chords and loops.


This is a cool new application that could very well be the end of slideshows as we know them. I always wanted to create something artistic with my images and Animato has provided an easy tool for rendering striking video montages. Users can upload images from their PC or popular hosting sites and select audio from disc or stock offerings.

So, create your professional-looking music video based on only your uploaded images and music: A N I M O T O.



A special dedication to the people of New Orleans.
It’s purpose is to ask a simple question.

What’s going on?

Do you have a song stuck in your head, but you don’t know the name?
Or do you know the name but don’t know the artist or album it is from?

can help you out.

Sing or hum your tune in your microphone and the community will find it for you.



Phirebrush Issue 52 is now online!

Phirebrush is an online magazine that displays user submissions in monthly issues. These submissions showcase visitor submitted artwork, photography, music, desktop wallpapers and writings of various styles. Unlike most art groups and e-zines, Phirebrush lets anyone submit, trying to showcase both the famous and beginners, giving everyone a voice and a chance in the spotlight.


Anywhere.FM is a music portal that has the look and feel like a web based version of iTunes. You can upload your complete music collection and listen to your music from anywhere that has a computer and an Internet connection. And of course, you can discover new music through Friend Radio.

I was really surprised that the registration did not require an email address at all. It was just a small popup asking for a new username and password and the account was created.


If the internet is the future, then Marcus Ericsson is the man that will take you there. Not bound by the creative limits of the web, he is the man that has directed Jordan Brand’s official site – – as one of the most innovative mediums found on the internet today. Don’t miss this!


I LOVE THIS! club-internet


Meet Spencer Elden, who just turned 16 last month. He was the baby model who appeared in Nirvana’s iconic album Nevermind. I remember the album and I feel old.

Link (Image from Paxtonland) | Spencer Elden [Wikipedia]


Talk to Paul here.


This site ( posts video footage of (mostly Indie) bands performing in public environments (street corners, parks, elevators) for the camera and whomever may happen to be walking by.

Says the site’s founder, “[The films are] sort of a marriage between music and cinema, between documentary and raw capture, they try to give rhythm to images and to color music, they are the event as well as a testimony of the event.”

Not only is the concept original and a fantastic use of the medium, it’s delivers a true independent music experience, free of marketing, packaging, and other music industry trappings. It provides an unfiltered view of the musicians and their music, disseminated directly to their fans through the website.

Additionally, the site design is arresting yet simple, providing a distinctive backdrop to the performances themselves.


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