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In Singapore, SBS Transit commuters who are also SingTel Mobile subscribers can get to check their real-time of bus arrival via SMS. This service is called the iris (Intelligent Route Information System) NextBus on SMS. To check, commuters just have to key in [Bus stop number] space [Bus service number] and send it via text message to 74744 and you will get a SMS return telling you when you bus will arrive.

Mr Gan Juay Kiat, Chief Operating Officer of SBS Transit said:
“With the iris NextBus SMS service, our customers will now know when their bus will arrive in real time. Uncertainty will be a thing of the past. Commuters need only key in 74744 and they will be able to find out what time the next bus is due to arrive. This way, they can better plan their journeys and better utilize their time.”



Good news to all Sony AVCHD Handycam users, you don’t have to waste time connecting your camcorder to your PC and burn it to CD. You can now directly burn to DVD using the Sony new released VRD-MC5. It is a DVD burner connects directly to their AVCHD HD camcorders via USB. It also works with SR5, HDR-SR7, HDR-SR8, and HDR-CX7 Handycam. Available in Japan this August 10th for $247.

[via New Launches]


Baby transport has undergone something of a revolution in recent years with designers capitalising on the “yummy mummy” market to offer sportier versions of the pushchair. Now one company has taken the idea one step further with the trioBike, a carrierbike, pushchair and bicycle all in one.

The aluminium-frame seven-speed trioBike can attach a carrier to seat two children under nine-years-old. There are seatbelts, and the company, having developed their design with the Danish National Consumer Agency, say it is the “safest carrierbike children can ride in”.

A spokesman for the company said it was the perfect flexible solution for parents on the move.

He said: “A carrierbike is a fantastic invention for transporting the kids in. “But once the kids have been delivered in day care and you are working the pedals, it is probably one of the most useless inventions.

“With our trioBike, you can easily take of the front carrier and change the carrierbike into a bike and a pushchair.”

Link & Image: DailyMail


Allen’s photographs are inspired by his childhood experiences with pop-up books and View-Masters. He begins his process by cutting figures and images out of illustrated pages of old books and vintage fiction novels. Allen then cleverly rearranges and juxtaposes the forms to create three-dimensional scenes. Next, he carefully lights his subjects and photographs the scenes.

Extremely poetic, don’t you think?



India’s largest automaker is set to start producing the world’s first commercial air-powered vehicle. The Air Car, developed by ex-Formula One engineer Guy Nègre for Luxembourg-based MDI, uses compressed air, as opposed to the gas-and-oxygen explosions of internal-combustion models, to push its engine’s pistons. Some 6000 zero-emissions Air Cars are scheduled to hit Indian streets in August of 2008.

With a top speed of 68mph and a 125 mile range, this car might be a little shabby for a full-fledged family car, but they are decent enough for urban transit, especially considering the cost: 340 liters of air compressed at 4350 psi can be refilled in a few minutes, at only $2.

I have always wondered about the validity of an “air-car” though. While it certainly sounds very green – powered by air, does no harmful emissions at all – physics tells me that the work required to compress the air would have to involve some sort of energy input somewhere, whether it be at the car’s compressor, or the delivery pump. What do these pumps run on? Oil? Electricity? Is the compressed-air engine more efficient than the combustion engine?


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A fantastic photo of the Singapore Waterspout (Image Credit: Spam for Sam [Flickr])

A few days ago, this giant waterspout [wiki] (50 m or 164 ft. diameter and average wind speeds of up to 150 km/hr or 93 mph) was spotted in Singapore. Apparently a large waterspout can be quite dangerous – it can spin a small ship around


This isn’t a work of art, it’s basically just a keyboard that was in the wrong place at the wrong time (a victim of suspected arson in a lumber mill in Canada) – but ain’t it beautiful? I like it. 32 photos available in the set of this one-of-a-kind melted keyboard at Flickr.

Melted keyboard []


I know you just can’t help yourself. A butt load of cool stuff. I miss my Millenium Falcon.

Check it out!


nice work from a fellow limburger!

view it here


SMOKING JACKET : The jacket has a built-in pair of lungs on the front. As the wearer smokes, the lungs fill up with the exhaled cigarette smoke and begin to gradually darken over time.


Lina is a new virtual machine software coming from a small new startup based in San Francisco. What the software basically does is setting up the possibility of running Linux software on any Microsoft Windows machine or Mac OS X machine. The software will be released next month and weighs less than 40MB. Pretty cool stuff.

Run Linux apps on Windows or OS X with Lina []


If you’re a fan of Tetris and know your way around with the tools, you might want to check out this instructions of how to build yourself a Tetris book shelf. It looks kind of advanced if you would ask me, but it might be easier than you think to build it.

This project does not require a tremendous amount of skill, though it would be very helpful to have experience with some woodworking beforehand, for obvious reasons.

Build a Tetris DVD (or book) shelf


Bent Objects is the blog of an artist named Terry. He makes sculpture with everyday items, such as aluminum cans, tea bags, playing cards and other things. Charming!


Gerald Brimacombe Photography

An extensive library of travel and architectural images from around the world!

tong sampah

Here’s a video from “Sbitguy” is showing us how to rename the “Recycle Bin” in Windows. It is by changing some of the registry. The text version is available if you can’t catch up the video.


That’s right, you haven’t seen it all. A Website devoted to our little elastic friend, the rubber band.


What a great photographer Vincent Dixon! His work is very very impressive and creative! Here the bio:

For over 15 years, Vincent Dixon has produced award winning images and helped to create many memorable advertising campaigns. He was born in Kilkenny, Ireland and, despite earning a PHD in molecular biology, he eventually found his true calling behind the lens. Vincent started his professional career in Paris and quickly was awarded some of the top campaigns in Europe such as Absolut Europe and Perrier. Those highly visible campaigns, among others, quickly gained him notoriety throughout both Europe and North America. In 1998, Vincent relocated to New York City, where he currently resides with his wife and their four children.


Zipdesign is a London-based graphic design consultancy established in 1996 by Peter Chadwick.


Liverfool kalah pada AC Milan pada final Champion league awal pagi tadi. Akhirnya satu cup pun Liverfool xdapat tahun ni…miahaa


Hmm… here’s an interesting desk designed by Designer Hsien Chang. This concept was inspired by sliding puzzles. You will have to slide the surface to reveal the storage just like how you play the sliding puzzle games. The basket fitted in the grid can be removed allows you to move things and organize them within basket easily.

[via Yanko Design]


Lexus has unveiled its much anticipated car. The IS-F is a 400-horsepower version of the current IS four-door sedan. The car will be arrived at Lexus dealers in early 2008. The IS-F is expected to be quick enough to reach 60mph in less than 4.9 seconds. FYI, Lexux IS-F is using a 5.0L V8 engine.


It will be designated the IS-F when it arrives at Lexus dealers in early 2008. The F-code IS is the first-ever true high-performance car from Lexus, and we see it as a legitimate challenger to the forthcoming BMW M3 V8


Cool Tool: Find photos by their colors …

Flickr Color Selectr


Maybe the pictures illustrate the idea that we all want to remove ourselves from life, and replace ourselves with fictional, self-created versions of ourself. We want to fictionalise our own existence, and impose order and narrative where there is none.

There’s also a bit of a tutorial explaining how the pics are made, so you can replicate them at home if you want.

Invisibilia: Replacing People with Lines


There’s actually really nothing special with this Top 10 list of some multi display Apple setups, but since there is some nice eyecandy in the article it’s worth a post.

Top 10 Multi Display Mac Setups


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