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That’s cool, the Polaroid marketing team has thought a great way to promote their camera by replacing the mirrors in shopping malls and business centers in São Paulo, Brazil with the Polaroid camera. So instead using mirror, you took picture of yourself using the Polaroid camera to see those food stains on your face.

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Enjoy the ride!
Trek Lime

nike running

Nike I am addicted

Very cool spot for Nike Running.


Looking for a cool bag, what about this? The Xposed X-Ray Bag, it is made of durable, non woven plastic fiber and comes with an x-ray style design. There are image of things like gun, knuckles, ipod etc on the bag. They are available in three types – the cosmetic bag, grocery bag and the tote bag. They are available for $39.95 and you can also buy them separately. So if you using it, just hope that the police don’t stop you a check.


Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has announced the names of two new models. The U.S.-market Lancer will be renamed “GALANT FORTIS” for the Japan domestic market. Also, Mitsubishi’s rally-inspired, high-performance 4WD sedan will carry the name “LANCER EVOLUTION X”.

The development concept for the new Galant Fortis1 calls for a “new-generation global sedan with world-class levels of safety, environmental performance and comfort”. Distinguishing features include: a high-rigidity platform that delivers excellent crashworthiness; a new 2-liter engine with aluminum cylinder block that delivers high power output and returns excellent fuel efficiency; exterior styling that imparts a broad stance and sporty lines; and a spacious, well-appointed cabin.

The development concept for the all-new Lancer Evolution X2 specifies a “new-generation high-performance 4WD global sedan that allows all levels of driver to enjoy the car’s speed and handling with ease and in safety”. The new model features Mitsubishi’s S-AWC3 traction and handling system, that integrates the control of drive torque and braking management with the four-wheel drive system to help realize highly responsive and intuitive handling in addition to outstanding vehicle attitude stability. Other examples of Mitsubishi Motors’ latest automotive technology to be featured in the new model include a new lightweight and high-performance 2.0-liter turbocharged MIVEC4 engine with aluminum cylinder block and a 6-speed automated manual transmission that contributes to exceptional performance with improved fuel economy. The performance-driven design makes the car’s extreme potential clear, while cockpit design focuses the driver’s attention on operating his machine.

1 Latin for strong, steadfast, courageous.
2 “X” (“Ten”) stands for the tenth iteration of the Lancer Evolution released on the Japan domestic market. (In other markets the car will be called “LANCER EVOLUTION”.)
3 Super All Wheel Control
4 Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing and lift Electronic Control System: Mitsubishi Motors variable valve system


If you’re into BLACK LEATHER, now you can buy a Microsoft wireless IntelliMouse Explorer from INCLOSIA Solutions that uses their EXO Overmolding System to fit the leather — if you’re into that kind of thing (hey, I’m not here to judge).


This how you make use of your long cord of your phone charger. It is a clever battery shelf by Simon Spagnoletti, using cord to holds gadget. It’s pretty cool, you don’t have to see those tangled wire anymore.

The Battery shelf gives your phone a home as well as an providing an iconographic reminder to plug it in. The power cord no longer needs to hide in shame; its role in keeping you connected is proudly displayed


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Manuel Libres Librodo Jr. is a photographer from the Philippines living in Thailand. His gallery has thousands of photographs all kinds of people from different cultures, but he obviously loves to take pictures of beautiful women’s faces. Link

The Smithsonian Photography Initiative is devoted to the presentation and study of these photographic images, viewing photography as an art form, a record keeper, and a cross-disciplinary medium that encompasses science, history, popular culture, and more. Beyond offering more information about where to find photography collections throughout the Smithsonian, our website aims to be an educational tool, serving anyone who wishes to study, explore, and enjoy photographs of many kinds.


From traditional photography to untraditional performances:

Smithsonian Photography Initiative


Rotate the surfer with your arrow keys, hold down space to make sharper turns and cutbacks. Watch out for the great whites.

You got 30 seconds to complete: Wipeout


A tool to check at-a-glance the link popularity of any site based on its ranking (Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati etc.), social bookmarks (, etc), subscribers (Bloglines, etc) and more!


I’m not going to name names, but you know who you are.


Click here to see your favorite picture of Jessica Simpson.


If you have that undying buying urge in you that make you a hysteric shopper then you might have cribbed sometime for the shortage of space in your wardrobe. Then, you need to check-out this innovative “Towardrobe”. The amazing wardrobe employs a gravitational swivel movement that suggests a new way to store your clothes by utilizing space both vertically and horizontally.


Check-out the animated picture here to get-to-know the functionality. Besides, the designer, Shay Alkalay’s site also features a giant wall mounted revolving fish bowl that allows your fishes to travel the ocean from the comfort of their own home.


Want to make love for your loved one every morning? Get this heart-shaped egg mold, crack the egg, plop into the metal mold, fry as usual and you will have a heart-shaped fry egg for your breakfast. Sweet isn’t it? It’s available for 10 bucks.


The World’s first camera is currently on display in Capital Museum, Beijing, for an exhibition that presents the history of photography through Nicephore Niepce museum collections.

The month-long exhibition, titled “Naissance de la photographie : une invention française” (Birth of photography : a french invention), opens from April 12th to May 12th 2007, contains 117 items from Frenchman Nicephore Niepce and photography belonging to the Niepce Museum.

Source: CCTV


No skill in cutting slice onions? You can get one of this, the Precise Vegetable Cutter. It will give you clean slices of vegetable. Just stabs into that onion and it will provide a track your knife as it slides into the vege. This stainless steel Precise Vegetable Cutter is available for $8.


Laura takes photos to avoid psychoanalysis.
But it seems to be a failure.

See for yourself.


Just found this

Some serious work has gone into the vector-renderer under the bonnet of this one! Good stuff


Yummy! SolidAlliance has released EbiFry (fried shrimp), Kani No Hasami Age (crab), Hamburg and Purin (caramel blank) 1GB USB drives and a Rice-Tomato USB HUB. Really feel eating them, yes they are 100% handmade.



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Michael Hughes has a very interesting Flickr set – he buys various kinds of souvenirs – mugs, T-shirts, little plastic replicas – and then photographs them against its actual surroundings. It’s almost like real life Photoshopping.
The Flickr set


What is this? You might guess that it’s perhaps an illustration from a children’s book. Well as fake as it looks, it’s a real picture of a real hotel room – the only reason it’s so comical looking is: an artist had hand-drawn thin black lines around the edges of walls, cupboards, corners etc, so it looks really fake.

This is just one room out of the many interestingly decorated rooms in Art Hotel Berlin. They invited a different artist for each of their rooms, resulting in about 50 unique interior. This one shown above is one of the better ones in my opinion: there are many others which still couldn’t shake off the look of a typical hotel room – they were just adorned by some installation or display art pieces.


There are 10 photos from the ’80s. Try to guess the group who rocked these lustrous locks:

Name that Hair-Metal Band

pop band

For the first time in the history of the entertainment business, there is a pop band for sale. A successful pop band with dozens of international Top 10’s and No. 1’s in over 15 countries is actually for sale.

The buyer gets it all: the Music, the trademark, the band, the record deals, the record releases, the contacts, the contracts, the styling, all previous hits and recordings, and of course, the opportunities, the future.

The band is called Rednex and the starting bid is $1.500.000.
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