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don’t really have any issues downloading pictures from my digital camera to my computer. Mostly because I just pop out the SD card and insert it into the card reader in my PC. It eliminates the need for any resource-hogging software. The same goes for my camera phone, there’s just the extra step of inserting the microSD card adapter. Apparently some people still think this is an issue, which is one of the reasons why this tiny USB digital camera was created.

I’m going to guess that there’s some artistic reasoning behind this creation as well. You’ll notice that this thing is tiny, which gives no room for any kind of viewfinder or LCD display. You’re kind of in the dark as to whether your picture is going to turn out. I guess I don’t really get it, as I want to make sure that my pictures are actually going be worth looking at when I download them.

I’ve also got a beef with their little diagram. They clearly show a card reader that plugs into a USB port, then they show that you need a USB extension cable. Why do they think you’ll need one for that and not your little camera? Because it makes their little camera look better, that’s why. Yes, I am probably reading into it just a little much.

VIA [ Yanko Design ]



I love these stylish headphones by Phiaton. The Phiaton is hitting the market with two lines of headphones and an iPod mini system – MS600. Their PS200 In-ear earphones is cool and feature a set of ‘memory form’ silicon tips that fit softly and smoothly inside the ear canal; deliver great detail and spacious sound, while background noise just fades away. The MS400 headphones is sleek with the red-black style and features engineered for accurate response. I wish their sould as good as they look.



Why run this women? The photos by Autumn Sonnichsen from Sao Paulo.


I have a nasty habit of using my hands instead of a scrap piece of paper for jotting down reminders and to-do lists and while I’ve seen people getting blank to-do list tattoos on their hands and arms before, I don’t think I’ll be following that particular trend anytime soon.

As an alternative here’s a kit that includes 12 temporary to-do list tattoos you can place anywhere on your body. That way if you happen to end up like that guy in Memento with a particularly short-term memory you can at least keep things neat and organized. The kit also includes a skin-safe ink gel pen that easily washes off, but I have no idea how long each temporary tattoo will last.

[ Fake To-Do Tattoo ]


MacBook Air looks slim and nice but it does not come with things like CD-ROM or floppy disk (they goes externally). Here’s one from Flickr user Nybras.Rodrigo called MacBook Aircraft, it has it all, USB 2.0, Firewire 400, Firewire 800, Ethernet, DVI output, Superdrive, iPod Shuffle and the long long ago floppy drive. Is there still people using floppy disk after the USB drive invented? Oh yes.


You are sitting on desk for years with the laptop. Ever thought of using it while you standing up or walking around. It is designed by Henning Kunow. The Lindo is made of fiberglass, just wrap around your waist and it has two sturdy support that stick out in front of you which you can use for putting your laptop, writing desk or food tray. Unfortunately, Lindo is only a concept prototype.


Gizmodo got some shots of the uncovered MacBook Air. It’s about changing the battery. According to Gizmodo, the MacBook Air battery can be easily changed.



More pictures available at Gizmodo


Before and After mug shots of Tracey Gold of Growing Pains, booked for drunk driving in 2004 (The Smoking Gun)

One day, photographer David Friedman of Ironic Sans got an idea: take a celebrity mug shots and turn it into glamour shots!

Here are a few examples: Link


Have you ever wondered how camera lens were made? Find out in the video, showing you the processes of making camera lens


London based, award winning Spiros Politis shoot it so good.


Print post production / retouching studio, Saddington & Baynes creates picture perfection.
Also perfect for you to check it and get impressed.


This is the official sketches of Mitsubishi’s forthcoming Lancer Sportback hatch. It is scheduled to unveil in Geneva auto show which will be held on March. A Ralliart Model is expected to be the rival of the Subaru WRX. Mitsubishi will put a 260 horsepower engine and the all-wheel drive system from the Evolution IX on the Lancer Sportback Ralliart.


This is the dress (and furniture) campaign for the Salvation Army Second Hand Shop in Norway: See My Dress – Selling Used Stuff the Right Way!



According to the study done by Strategy Analytics, there’s an increment of 10% from the Billion phones sold in 2006, 1.0 billion in 2006 to 1.12 billion in 2007. The growth is expected to continue up to 1.24 billion phones for 2008.

“Nokia of Finland strengthened its position as the world’s best selling phone maker while South Korea’s Samsung moved up to second place and American maker Motorola dropped back to third, according to the Strategy Analytics study.”

Full story at Yahoo News.




i want these ! The Black versions are sick The highly anticipated Air Jordan XX3 is set to be released during an exclusive launch on January 25th for $230. An All-Star release is set for February 16th, and a national release on February 23rd for $185. If you’re a shoe collector, you’re going to want to own the Air Jordan


This manual of hand shadow puppetry (get it? Oh, I love me an atrocious pun) is from a 1950s activity book. Found at Christopher Goodwin’s blog Trashball

Can you make your eyes to move this way, one looking at the center and the other one looking on the left. This cute Japanese girl can do it…


Here’s a video from PhotoshopSurgeon is going to show you how they transform a pretty girl to a manly man. If you think that this girl is lovely or beautiful, please don’t watch the video, as, she is going to be a guy at the end. Video after the jump.

Yeah, after the photoshoped she does looks like a guy but there are something missing.

Pretty Girl TRANSFORMED Into A Rugged Man Watch a funny movie here

This amounts of money are an impossible for anyone to visualize. Let’s have a look, starting with the one dollar … it’s roughly 6 inches long, and 2½ inches wide. It’s roughly as thick as a regular piece of paper. Now we will continue to make imagine larger and larger pictures, with more and more money, and at the end I’m sure that you will be amazed by these “mountains” of money, millions, billions. So if you are going to earn so much money you’ll need some big deposits if you would like to keep them.















Opens with a warm and friendly version of the 2-minute drill.
The Joyride feature is trippy but fun.
And a fun car configurator that doesn’t bore you with the business rules.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Each year, UNICEF selects a photo of the year with the goal to illuminate the suffering and hope of children worldwide. This year, American photo journalist Stephanie Sinclair’s won with her image of a 40-year-old groom and his 11-year old bride in Afghanistan.

Go to Der Spiegel to see 11 other images of children in crisis across the globe.


As they say: “Cake Factory doesn’t have a house style, we have standards.”
Truly, there’s a high-end showcase of photographs by the photographers represented by Cake Factory


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